Monday, May 10, 2010

ICC prosecuter listens to those who witnessed Kenya's post poll violence in visit to slum.,0,2397717.storyThe prosecter of the ICC (Interntional Criminal Court) met on Monday, May 10 of 2010, to members of  a self help group in a Nairobi Slum that saw some of the most brutal acts commited during Kenya's 2007-2008 prostelection violence. Luis Moreno Ocampo said he visited Kenya's crime-prone Mathare to understand some of the victims of some of election violence, which killed over 1,000 people. The Mathar slum is known for its high crime rates, and the widespread comsumption of homemade alcohol.

Judges at the ICC last month authorized Moreno Ocampo to open an investigation.

"My duty's is to understand the views of the victims." Moreno Ocampo said "It was a short visit and we just saw a little group but this is the beginning. It is important for us to understand what happened to them and how they feel."

Moreno visited the Mwelu Foundation, a self-help group in Mathere that trains youth in photography, television production, and journalism with the hope that they can use these skills to break out the cycle of poverty. The students recorded some of the worst fighting during the prostelection violence, including the stoning of people and the hacking of limbs.

Moreno says he will take no more than seven months on the investigation after which he excpects to prosecute more than 5 people, only the top people who directed the street-level violence.


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